We don’t have a stage, is that okay?

Absolutely!  Most of our performances are done without stages.  We will arrive at least one hour before the show to transform your space (any space) into our very own theatre.  Our set is designed to be at home in virtually every imaginable space including classrooms, gymnasiums, cafeterias, courtyards, library reading rooms, churches … you name it!  It’s just like going to the theatre, but without all the hassles of organizing a field trip!

Can I book more than one show the same day?

Yes!  The youth performance shows are 40 minutes in length.  Please allow 55 minutes for seating and performance.  We will need a ten-minute reset time for back-to-back shows.  Rates are discounted for same day performances.

Is it easy to book a performance with you?

Absolutely!  We have an efficient and easy booking process.  Start by connecting with us and we’ll guide you through the available dates and times.  Once you choose a date and time, we’ll send you a simple contract, and we take care of the rest.  The only thing you have left to do is hand our actors the check the day of the show … it doesn’t get much easier than that!  (The earlier you book, the wider selection of dates you have available!)

What are the Performance requirements?

For Children’s Shows the performance space needs to be at least 20′ x 20′ (with a 10′ ceiling) for the set and acting area.  There needs to be working electrical outlets.  We will require at least one-hour prior to the performance to set up, and one-hour after the performance to strike our set.

For Solo Performances the suggested space is 10′ x 10′, but is negotiable.  There needs to be working electrical outlets.

What is the Audience Size?

As small as you want, or as large as the legal room capacity!

What is the running time?

For Children’s Shows:  40 minutes … longer if you wish to include a Q&A session (which must be arranged before the performance date).

For Solo Performances:  The time is adaptable, 10, 30 or 60 minutes … again,  longer if you wish to include a Q&A session (which must be arranged before the performance date).

What is the cost?

For the Children’s Show:  Single performance:  $595;  Two performances: $795;  Three performances: $895, which is half of what some companies charge for a single performance.  All of this with none of the costs normally associated with a field trip!  (Shows booked with more than one hour in between show may be subject to a nominal extra fee.)

For a Solo Performance:  Please contact us for individual rates. Discounts available for multiple-performances.