The Baker’s Neighbor


Youth Performance
(best for grades K-6)
available Fall 2015

A Peruvian folk tale about a stingy baker who tries to charge the villagers for smelling her baking bread.

Manuela, the neighborhood baker, bakes delicious smelling pastries and puts them out for sale each morning.  Her neighbor, Pablo, loves to smell the fresh bakery every morning but he never purchases any pastries.  This irritates Manuela and feels Pablo should pay for the “stolen” smells.  She actually takes her complaint to the town judge who eventually offers a ruling that satisfies all parties.

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 Billy and the Rough Gruff

Youth Performance
(best for grades K-6)
available Spring 2016

Adaption is based on the Norwegian fairy tale by Peter Christen Asbjornsen and Jorgen Moe addressing bullying.

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…a beacon of light

Solo Performance

A routine moment in a family’s life abruptly changes a mother’s view of what is acceptable. Tameé Seidling offers  the audience an inside view of domestic violence.

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